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javascriptWelcome to the home of Ejscript™ — a powerful server-side JavaScript language and web framework.

JavaScript, is the world's leading programming language in the browser. The Internet breathes JavaScript and now with Ejscript, you can use the same language server-side as in the browser. No more need to learn another language!

Open Source Embedded Web ServersEjscript™ is a compact, fast and powerful implementation of JavaScript. It complies with the ECMAScript Edition 3 specification, and adds ECMAScript 6 enhancements such as modules, classes, block scoped variables, and a rich system library.

The Ejscript Web framework has a Model/View/Controller (MVC) paradigm and supports SQL databases with an integrated ORM layer. It has a library of Ajax view controls, templating engine, automatic validations and integrated jQuery support. It is the ideal language for rapid development of Server-Side JavaScript applications.

Download a binary package or the full source code now.

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